What's new?!?

You may have seen some changes happening on the website with colours, branding etc...Its been something on the list to do for a while but have finally sat down and thought about what Eggis and Boo is and the influences that inspire me and represent the brand.

It has evolved over the years but in the last year it has become more focused on craft product and accessories, offering funky and modern prints for the modern day crafter.

Key elements have been leopard print and monochrome. Best sellers being the project WIP Knot bags and notion wraps.

All fabrics and trims will remain vegan friendly and packaging plastic free. Using cork or wood which is sustainable. There will always be an element of looking at reducing waste from fabric remnants as this is something that is key to the brand.

One of the things that would like to introduce is more unique designed patterns, possibly even a few one off collaborations with other illustrators/designers. Anyone interested in collaborating, please contact via email: egggisandboo@gmail.com

So here's to exciting things ahead, let's Craft, Craft, Craft together!

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