Crochet Bunny Egg cup cover

UK CROCHET TERMS DC- Double Crochet YARN Aran YOU WILL NEED: Crochet Hook- UK 5 Tapestry Needle Scissors Stitch marker

I've created a pattern for an Easter bunny egg cup cover. This pattern is based on using Aran yarn (It’s an ideal stash buster) but can adjust accordingly with hook size etc… if using DK or Chunky (or can double up DK yarn).


Chain 6 in a ring (6)

Row 1 DC2 (6 times) (12)

Row 2 DC1, DC2 (6 times) (18) * suggest to add stitch marker now

Row 3-7 DC (5 rounds)

Chain 9 down for ties either side and knot off

EARS (Make 2)

Chain 6 in a ring

Row 1-3 DC (6)

Row 4 DC1, DC2 tog (3 times) (3)

Close hole with DC, fasten off and leave a length of yarn to stitch to the hat section

Use yarn to stitch the ears to the hat section with a tapestry needle.

For extra bunniness, can make a small Pom Pom for a tail to stitch on the back. Happy crocheting 🐰

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